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By J3cky for TATA (INDO)

Sangat cantik..

By Sikder for YESI (INDO)

So nice

By xiaoxiaobailong for XIAO YIN

Beautiful girl

By Nicholas for BAI XUE (CHINA)

样貌:9.5 身材:9 皮肤白 胸部:D真奶 有弹性 女友感:9 服务:9 接吻:8 逼:8 紧 整体感:9 笑容有亲切感

By Jason for JENNY (VIETNAM)

Nice service

By Richie for MOLLY (THAI)


By Jjjjj for GIANNA

GIANNA 害羞型的女孩。 基本上都还不错。态度好 样子美 身材瘦小(b真奶) 很配合 也不赶场 服务算不错。我是对服务要求比较低的人。和她一起就像是和自己的女友做一样。不夸张 不做作。叫声也是嗯嗯的小声发出。 她应该是出来做不久 没有风尘味。 推荐给喜欢邻家妹妹的狼友

By Jerry for GIANNA

I think she just came to malaysia as she doesnt know how to speak any languages other than thai. service was alright, but attitude was really good. I believe the service will get better eventually when she gets to adapt to the environment changes.

By Victor yee for SHAN SHAN

因为我从来还没试过小姐口交会用舌头来转动的,还有一个让人感到惊讶的是还会用口来戴套子,真的没有试过,真的很厉害的一招 !

By Cipeng for NELLIE

I wanna get u for miss beauty princess thiss weekend(over night)